Some upcoming, Blackity Black film events in the Netherlands.

1. Event: Soul in the Eye
In 2017 and 2018, Tessa Boerman (pic) was the driving force behind the Blackity Black programs that were part of IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam). For the 2019-edition she’s back with Soul in the Eye. During this program, Afro-Brazilian filmmakers discuss their own films plus those of actor, producer, activist and filmmaker Zózimo Bulbul. Soul in the Eye is named after his debut Alma no olho (1973).
Date: Sunday January 27.
Click here to buy tickets and fam, let’s make sure this event is sold out.
If you can read Dutch, please check this blog about the program.

2. If Beale Street Could Talk

The release date is February 14 but follow if you’re in/want to come to Amsterdam on February 10, keep your eye on Bijlmer Parktheater’s Facebook, and Twitter because we’re co-hosting a very special pre-screening with Full Color Entertainment and Entertainment One. We also have five copies of the book to give away so be sure to click all our follow-buttons if you’d like to win one of them.
This event will be in Dutch.

3. Us

You know this is a film we need to discussss. The release date is March 21; mid April we’re hosting a movie breakdown at Amsterdam’s Bijlmer Parktheater. Why a little later? So everybody has the chance to watch the film (maybe two or five times) ánd perhaps watch Get Out again so we can compare and analyse these films director Jordan Peele is blessing us with. And fam, when I say discusssss, I mean discusssssss. Don’t swing by if you don’t want any spoilers.
This event will be in English.

4. Rafiki

Wanuri Kahiu is a most precious kind of Wonderful. Her new film Rafiki will be in the theatres from May 23 but of course there will be pre-screenings. Of different kinds, by different people. I know some great people who are working on puttting something together and of course there will be some trash venues who’ll want part of it. Be sure to support the right folks, people! With that being said: If you’re a community organizer and/or a programmer whose work centres the Afro-Dutch communities, you go the extra mile to amplify Wanuri Kahiu’s name + work ánd your panel doesn’t include problematic people, I’ll be happy to help you promote your Rafiki event.

Events in January

English: In January, I’m organizing a poetry-and-a-panel event at Amsterdam’s Bijlmer Parktheater and giving a lecture in The Hague. One is in Dutch, the other one’s in English. Please check below for more info. || NL: In januari organiseer ik een poetry-en-een-panel evenement in het Bijlmer Parktheater en geef ik een lezing in het Migratie Museum in Den Haag. Eén zal in het Nederlands zijn, de ander in het Engels.

Nederlands: Zo. 13 januari – Lezing: “A building made of people”
1. De zogenaamde alledaagsheden en de gewelddadige(re) normaliseringen die autochtonen gebruiken om Zwarte en niet-Zwarte Personen van Kleur ervan te overtuigen/ het gevoel te geven dat ze hier niet (echt) thuishoren,
2. De verschillende manieren waarop ontworteldheid en ontwortelen worden gebruikt om de huidige machtsverhoudingen in stand te houden en
3. (Political) power in numbers.
Locatie: Migratie Museum (adres: Hoge zand 42, 2512 EM Den Haag).
Tijd: 15:00u – 16.00u.
Reserveringen: Het event is gratis; via deze link kunt u uw plek reserveren.

English: Sunday January 27 – Tribute to Ntozake Shange
shangeDuring this afternoon we pay homage to this amazing writer who blessed us with choreopoems and novels like For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf + Sassafras, Cypress and Indigo.

With: Tracian Meikle, Alida Aurora, Alfrida Martis, Nohemi Kleintje, Ugbaad Kilincci, Babs Gons, Smita James, Susu Aliy en Jo-Ann With.
Location: Bijlmer Parktheater (address: Anton de Komplein 240, 1102 DR Amsterdam).
Language: English.
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