Bio and contact info

Contact info
Instagram: @lazeefuik

Simone Zeefuik is the Afro-Dutch writer, cultural programmer and tea critic whose work focuses on Blackity Black imagination, joy and everydayness in film, writing and theatre. Her artistic vocabularies are built on imagery, movie quotes, song lyrics and some of her favorite literary gems. 

Recently she (co-)initiated:
– Blacker Blackness, the temporary master program at Amsterdam’s Sandberg Institute.  (initiator and program director).
– PaarsPaars, digital platform centering reflections on art from Afro-Dutch people by Afro-Dutch people (co-initiated with Romana Vrede and Ira Kip).
– Project Wiaspora, podcast (co-initiated with Richard Kofi). 
Older projects and initiatives include literary platform RE:Definition (2008-2013), #RewriteTheInstitute , #DecolonizeTheMuseum, #UndocumentedNL and speakers’ platform Soapbox.

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