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Contact info
Instagram: @lazeefuik
Twitter: @simbuktu

Simone Zeefuik is an Afro-Dutch, Amsterdam-Bijlmer based writer, cultural programmer and organizer whose work centres around on representation, everydayness, inclusivity and social justice. She focuses on imagination as access, joy, the (de)spectaclizing of Blackness, digital archives and movements against the illegalizing of the so-called undocumented members of the Afro-Dutch communities. She’s a programmer for Amsterdam’s Bijlmer Parktheater, a teacher at Zawdie Sandvliet’s Afro-Dutch Studies and a ginger tea critic. Together with Richard Kofi (her fellow programmer at Amsterdam’s Bijlmer Parktheater) she set up and hosts the podcast Project Wiaspora. 

From 2021-2023 Zeefuik will teach the temporary master Blacker Blackness at Amsterdam’s Sandberg Institute where she’s also a guest lecturer. Sandberg offers master programmes in Fine Arts, Interior Architecture and Design. Her course focuses on imagination as a method to decolonize, uncode and liberate representations of Blackness in art and design.

Other projects and digital archives she:
– Initiated: Literary platform RE:Definition (2008 – 2013), #RewriteTheInstitute , Blaccupy and the Topple Dem Statues-workshop series.
– Co-initiated: #UndocumentedNL , #DecolonizeTheMuseum and speakers’ platform Soapbox (2010-2012).

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