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Black skin, white media – #Bringbackourgirls (Chibok, Nigeria)


For more information about the mass abduction of 234 Nigerian schoolgirls and the arrogant silence that tried to brush off yet another war on Black girls, please check the following:

1. An overview of demonstrations regarding the Nigerian Schoolgirl kidnapping.

2. Twitterati who’re breaking it down:
Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenb – @wanjirukr
Malaka Gyekye Grant – @AbenaGyekye
Mikki Kendall – @Karnythia
Amina Doherty – @sheroxlox
Teju Cole – @tejucole

3. Interesting articles
April 15 – Armed men kidnap schoolgirls in Nigeria
April 17 – Nigerian army frees kidnapped female students
April 25 – Nigeria: Abducted School Girls – Parents Seek Foreign Intervention
May 1 – Nigeria: Kidnapped Girls: Outrage, Tears as Women Protest
May 2 – Nigerian militants reportedly ‘willing to consider’ girls’ release and ‘want a way out’

Nigerian Girls Deserve Better Than This
#BringBackOurGirls: Why Is the Media Silent About Nigeria’s Abducted Girls?
‘Million-woman march’ over Nigerian kidnappings
Here Is What You Need to Know About the Kidnapped Girls of Nigeria


Black skin, white media – Kasarani (Nairobi)

If we’re allowing Western media to dictate who deserves our attention, we probably wouldn’t know about Kasarani. When it comes to the mass arrest and detainment of approximately 1.000 documented and undocumented Nairobi-based Somali in what is dubbed #KasaraniConcentrationcamp, broadcasters like BBC, CNN and the Dutch NOS couldn’t care less.

Check the following to get a better idea of the horrors that are unfolding (List updated on April 10, 10:09h)
1. Twitterati whose timelines are filled with updated:
– Haru Mutasa’s (@harumutasa),
– Mohammed Yusuf (@Moyusef)
– Binyavanga Wainaina (@BinyavangaW)

2. Interesting articles 
Kenyan Somali, Somali in Kenya, Kenya in Somalia
Footage of #Kenya police arresting women in children in what is dubbed “The crackdown on terror”
What’s it like to be Somali in Kenya

Social Media Reactions to Kenya’s Security Crackdown in Nairobi
Rights groups slam Kenya refugee crackdown
SOMALIA: Kenyan police keep more than 1,000 Somalis in Kasarani Stadium in the third day.
Kenyans question mass arrests of Eastleigh Somalis
Nairobi: A city under siege