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Language is the only homeland & Swich

… ’cause I need to do better when it comes to archiving my writings. Excerpts of two pieces I wrote recently:

To mock someone who isn’t fluent in their mother tongue(s) is to ridicule their attempts to, and perhaps only in spirit, either return home and/or to carry it with them where they are now. Laughing at mispronunciations or remixed grammar is an embarrassing display of not understanding, or at least underestimating, that mental and intellectual warfare is a crucial part of colonialism. […] A robber always leaves something. Shards of the glass they shattered to get in, the rubble of a busted wall, that gnawing feeling that you are now unsafe in your own space… there’s always something left behind. One doesn’t cheat generations out of entire vocabularies and even alphabets without leaving something. Whether colonized or temporarily occupied… we all come from countries where colonial mentalities linger like vengeful ghosts.
— Excerpts of  Language is the only Motherland, a call for patience in five considerations, written as part of the Language is the only homeland exhibition which will be up until November 11, 2018.

“A reckoning with history can and will only happen when a museum is deeply invested in a wrecking of structures. It would have to be a commitment that does not shy away from the scent of the proverbial red-hot cannonballs and bloody knives. Repair demands a proper understanding of breaking. From the push and the tipping to the fall and her shards. It requires an analysis rooted in something deeper and stretched towards something wider than the mere wish not to be categorized with those who broke it.”
— Excerpt of Breaking Towards Repair, written for the SWICH Blog.