Blacker Blackness – we’re starting

It’s happening, good people! After two intro sessions where the students will be properly introduced to each other and our Blacker Blackness team, we’ll start our first classes on Monday September 27. Blacker Blackness is a two year, temporary master program that will take place at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. I send it in as a pitch as part of a call for temporary programs in September 2020 and… here we are.

Many, many thanks to Flavia Dzodan and Tom Vandeputte who involved me in their work at Sandberg and who brought this call to my attention.

During the introduction to one of her keynotes, Ava DuVernay once said: “I think it’s important to share what happens in rooms like these beyond rooms like these.” Our team completely agrees with that so each semester of Blacker Blackness will have a public event. We’ll also send out a newsletter where, every six weeks, we’ll share some of the questions, insights, film tips and reading material that were part of the conversations we had.

For more info about the Blacker Blackness program, please check this website.

Art work by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye. I don’t own the rights to this work and, aside from us discussing her awe-mazing work throughout the semesters, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye isn’t involved in the Blacker Blackness program. I borrowed this image for this post because it has a prominent spot on the moodboard of this course and I believe in amplifying art we love.


About Zeefuik

Zeefuik is an Amsterdam based writer and organizer whose work focuses on imagery, representation, anti-Black racism, (digital) archives and the undocumented members of the Black communities in the Netherlands.

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